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Northeast Arizona Regional Science Fair sparks creativity
Northeast Arizona Regional Science Fair sparks creativity

Northeast Arizona Regional Science Fair sparks creativity

Posted On: 2018-03-12 08:47 PM
From White Mountain Independent...

By Susan Rodrigue Navajo County Education Specialist Mar 9, 2018

"Underwater Fireworks," "Burn It Up," "Mutant Plants," and "Venom" are not summer blockbuster movies they are titles of some of the amazingly creative science fair projects judged March 3 at the Northeast Arizona Regional Science Fair.

The Navajo County Education Service Agency held the seventh annual Regional Science Fair at the Performing Arts Center at Northland Pioneer College in Snowflake. The fair broke several records this year; total number of projects entered, total number of schools entered, and total number of categories with projects.

Students entered projects from the following schools across the White Mountain region. Northland Pioneer College awarded a record number of $500 tuition scholarships to seven excellent high school students: Erica Adams (Sequoia Village), Maya Denham (Sequoia Village), LaBelle LaFrance (Ganado), Preston Orton (Sequoia Village), Taylor Slick (Sequoia Village), Karah Adams (Sequoia Village) and Sierra Waddell (Sequoia Village).

The first place winners in grades five through high school were given a $50 cash card to assist with going to the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair scheduled for late March in Phoenix. First place winners in grades third through fourth were given $10 gift cards.

The following are the list of local winners:

Animal sciences: 1. Trevor Greer, St. Anthony; Seth Geisler, Round Valley Elementary; Erica Adams, Sequoia Village HS; 2. Isaac Smith, Hulet Elementary; 3. Cosma Callahui, Linden Elementary; James Beecroft, Linden Elementary.

Behavorial and social sciences: 1. Morgan Eddy and Kadee Larson, Blue Ridge Elementary; Maya Denham, Sequoia Village HS; 2. Ethan Ellison, Sequoia Village; LaBelle LaFrance, Ganado HS; 3. Ally Rumzis, Show Low Junior; Jessica Padilla, Sequoia Village; Eris Dolan, Sequoia Village.

Biochemistry: 1. Eden Czech, George Washington; Rebecca Ballard, George Washington; 2. Liberty Sage, Sequoia Village; 3. Karah Adams, Sequoia Village HS.

Biomedical and health services: 2. Til Hatch, Sequoia Village; Teagon Johnson, Round Valley Elementary; Devin Richardson, Taylor Intermediate; 3. Maggie Meeks, Hulet Elementary; Jaden Tanner, Sequoia Village; Marisela Moyto, Hulet Elementary.

Cellular and molecular Biology: 1. Tatum Moore, Linden Elementary.

Chemistry: 1. Waylon Peters, Blue Ridge Elementary; Cressa Bateman, George Washington; Mikenzie Kulish, Sequoia Village; 2. Dallas Byars, George Washington; Moira Stradling, George Washington; Mariah Guinn, Blue Ridge Elementary; Lilyann Hunt, St. Anthony Catholic; Jaydee Flake, Taylor Intermediate; 3. Trevan VanCleave, Sequoia Village; Nicole Luptak, Sequoia Village; Michael Perez, Sequoia Village; Preston Orton, Sequoia Village HS; Sierra Waddell, Sequoia Village HS.

Computational biology and bioinformatics: 1. Tatum Moore, Linden Elementary.

Earth and environmental Sciences: 2. Ana Warnock, Sequoia Village.

Energy-chemical: 2. Ariel Donnelly, George Washington; 3. Carly Wilson, Sequoia Village; Tommy Orton, Sequoia Village.

Energy-physical: 3. Trenyn Trickey, Blue Ridge Elementary; Kyrie Luptak, Sequoia Village.

Engineering mechanics: 1. Everett Pack, Hulet Elementary; Kaydence Saige-Cumpton, Sequoia Village; 2. Joaquin Cambridge, Sequoia Village.

Materials science: 1. Kyson Kulish, George Washington; 2. Isabella Shumway, Blue Ridge Elementary; Caden Bollschwieler, Sequoia Village; Emilyn Bryce, Linden Elementary; Elijah Lyman, George Washington.

Microbiology: 1. Connor Clark and Joshua Jessop, Concho Elementary.

Physics and astronomy: 1. Lanae Iannucci, Sequoia Village; Allison Wehnau, Nikolaus Homestead; 2. Jantzen VanAtten, Blue Ridge Elementary; Kowen Saige-Cumpton, Sequoia Village; Trinity Hughes, Sequoia Village; 3. Cody Wenger, Sequoia Village; Taylor Slick; Sequoia Village HS.

Plant sciences: 1. Adriel Pineda, Whiteriver Elementary; Trinity Rawls, Concho Elementary; Isis Laird, Concho; 2. Megan Fountain, Sequoia Village; 3. Quinton Lawler, Mountain Christian.

Robotics and intelligent machines: 2. Samuel Whittle, Taylor Intermediate.

Navajo County Education Service Agency officials say the Science Fair would not have been possible without the 27 judges who spent hours giving feedback to the students and the support of the following organizations: Northland Pioneer College, White Mountain Nature Center, TRACKS, St. Mary of the Angels Church, Washington Federal Bank, and congregational members of the Community Presbyterian Church of Pinetop. The White Mountain Gem and Mineral Club also made a special donation in memory of one of their beloved members, John "Gator" Mierzwik.

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