Tony Rhineheart’s Corner


Did you know that Sequoia Village School is an AdvancED accredited public charter school, entering its 20th year in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona?

From the start, Sequoia Village School has built its philosophy on accommodating all learning levels; we meet the child where he or she is and move each student from there.Our advanced students are still expected to make a minimum of one year’s growth whether they are working one, two, or three or more years ahead.

All students will be assessed in reading, writing, and math upon entering Sequoia Village School. There are multiple benchmark tests given throughout the year to ensure correct placement in classes. In addition, classroom formative and summative tests, projects, and teacher observations are readily employed.

Students who are advanced and highly motivated will have the opportunity to take classes at the internationally accredited Northland Pioneer College, thus earning high school and college credits at the same time. Sequoia Village School will pay for the classes, thus equating with scholarship money as prerequisites are taken care of before high school graduation.We are proud to say that we’ve had students enrolled in NPC classes as early as junior high and have had students graduate with one or two Associate Degrees,which is quite a feat!

Sequoia Village School utilizes a multi-age model of learning where differentiation of instruction and mentoring are the norm. Learning styles are the focus of our teaching styles. SVS teachers are highly qualified, holding a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree; at least one-third of the staff has earned a Master’s Degree.

Since opening in 1998, Sequoia Village School has provided a culture of strong academics in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment. Students have always been encouraged to express their talents while benefitting from the many opportunities granted at SVS. As we embark on the expansion of our campus, we will strive to maintain the reputation of knowing our students and families of the present as we partner with community and educational leaders to contribute to the future. As the walls of our new building go up, walls within our community go down; we will be able to share our strengths with more students, families, and community members.